Graham Kingsley Brown, Artist and Poet, 1932 - 2011

Mike with Obelisk

Montage of various notebooks of writings


There are a mix of humourous short pieces and short stories, as well as a set of "spoof news" items. Here is one of the humourous short pieces, which tend to conclude in a pun.

"Keats and Chapman visit the Countryside
One summer's day whilst motoring in the country, Keats and Chapman stopped at a farm. The name 'Chuckle Farm', brightly painted in red, hung from a comic looking tree, together with a sign advertising eggs for sale. They decided some fresh eggs would complete their day's pleasure.

They very soon found that the name 'Chuckle' had more to do with the staggering good humour of the farmer and his family than colloquial allusions to chickens and their reproduction. Before, during and after the dairy transaction, for no apparent reason, the rustics' ceaseless laughter swelled like a turbulent tide across sheds and fields; the horses, cows, pigs, sheep and even the starchy hens - all gave vent to an extraordinary mirth in noises Keats and Chapman had never before heard.

Birds and squirrels tumbled from the trees in a cascade of merriment; hares, rabbits and mice and moles improvised a joyful ballet; three fat foxes sat, watched and swapped jokes. Each creature, human and animal, seemed to enjoy a most fertile understanding, one with the other.

A hundred yards down the road, Keats and Chapman could still pick out the sound above the sound of their racing engine. Dazedly, Chapman was the first to speak: "We've left our eggs behind. Shall we go back?"

Keats did not advise it.

"What's the harm?" said Chapman.

Keats thought things could soon turn nasty quite soon.

"What possible grounds can you have for believing..."

Keats interrupted, driving the car faster. "Farm hilarity breeds contretemps" he said.

Chapman's daze thickened."

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