Graham Kingsley Brown, Artist and Poet, 1932 - 2011

Pen and Ink Drawing

Pen and ink Drawing

Family at "Coosane" South West Cork, mid 1960's

Family and relatives at "Coosane" farmhouse, South West Cork, mid 1960's, Graham on right.


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This series of "Poems for Young People" of which these are 3, were mainly written in South West Ireland.

A Seed Sown
Some joys that you reaped
Have withered away,
And the tears that you wept
Will find your graveís clay.

But those joys that you grew
No field can contain,
And the tears that you owe
You send with the rain.

So, though my eyes stare
In grief at your stone,
My heart knows you are
A seed thatís been sown.


As far as I know,
And from what I've been told,
A rainbow doesn't grow
From potted gold;
And I'd hazard a guess
It's no path that's been rolled
By poet bold,
Or poetess;
And much less
A flotsam crown,
Or wreath:
But it might be God's pronoun
To us beneath.


Lines to a Scarecrow
Some day perhaps,
The roses I will pull,
And tie them round your turnip head
And make you beautiful.

And then one night maybe,
I'll find two stars that fell,
And give them to you for eyes instead,
And you will be an angel.

But early in the morn,
In your eyes that look for sleep,
I'll fling the dew the night has shed,
And make you weep.

For why did my God choose
No lovely face for me,
When I can give a sad scarecrow
Grace and Felicity?


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